воскресенье, 8 ноября 2009 г.


these are my native country's landscapes

summer look^^

also i like this look^^ the glasses i love very much and my favourite jeans(that's Mango - cheap and nice)))

the followihg photo is more than usual...maybe it's casual...no, i guess i just dressed to feel free n' comfortable^^ i like this shooes a lot)
yea, that's me. also i think this glasses are nice and they make me so funny^^ smthin' like - 'Hey, look, i'm smart!!'


ну а теперь перейду, наверное, на русский))
ну что же написать такого...может свою фотку залить??
так и сделаю))
вот она я какая)

I Love Ugg Boots^^

ugg boots uk

nice shoes

also this shoes are very interesting. i like it^^

short dress

i was admired by this nice short dress. it's such a cute. i think it's because of ears^^